Highest Order of Design Integrity

97 Mathoura Road


Architectural Requirement

Carr Architecture and Moda Developers

Products Used

Retoned Fumed Oak Quarter Cut

97 Mathoura Road Toorak is a genuine statement of modern elegance. Completed in mid-2019, it features seven large, single-level residences over three levels.

It is an exercise in pure precision across architecture, interior design and landscaping.

Mathoura Road boasts one of Australia’s most celebrated architects Carr. Carr teamed up with Moda developers, resulting in the highest order of design integrity and clever use of hand-crafted materials throughout the residences — a level rarely seen in Australia.

Handmade Spanish bricks form Mathoura’s tactile façade; brushed-stone details enhance the pleasure of cooking for family or bathing at day’s end. Each apartment’s single-level floorplan reflects the studio’s compelling rhythms of mass, void, light and shadow, framing views to nature beyond.

George Fethers’ innovative and modern Retoned Fumed Oak Quarter Cut was selected as a prominent material throughout the apartments. The pre-finished natural timber veneer finished with an acrylic polyurethane, durable coating features throughout the kitchen, dressing rooms and hallways.

Please contact George Fethers on (03) 9646 5266 for a sample request or to receive more information on our Fumed Oak Quarter Cut. Otherwise send an email to gfethers@gfethers.com.


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