Subtle Curvatures Lay Platform For Arc Side House

Arc Side


Project by

Jolson Architecture and Interiors

Products Used

Hakwood Collection - Bespoke Colour
Random Width -142, 180, 240
Grade: Select

Arc Side is a three-storey residence that has been significantly renovated by Jolson Architecture and Interiors. Initially completed at the turn of the century for its current owners, the house was transformed meticulously by the Melbourne-based practice with the help of Leone Constructions.

The original design created by Cox Carmichael in 2001 sustained the inspiration for Jolson.  With the simple, sweeping curves and inverted arch of the original concrete façade widely referenced throughout the new design.

Retaining the roof and building envelope, internal walls and floors were removed to allow for more fluid and interconnected spaces. The façade was simplified by Jolson, allowing for the curves to become a subtle feature within every space, be it the gentle curved polished plaster walls, or the forms of the ceilings.

Jolson’s extensive repertoire of bespoke homes typically are orthogonal in form, with defined corners and edges a trademark of the firm’s design. Arc Side represents an unprecedented project undertaken by the team, with the subtle curvature of the façade and the fascinating spiral staircase a highlight of the house’s new look. Mindful of not only creating appropriate spaces for their clients, Jolson allowed for a more timeless aesthetic that will reign true through generations.

With the large residence spread over three levels the spaces are far from overwhelming. The kitchen and living areas located on the top level take advantage of the views and light, while the master suite is on the middle level. Jolson did not only strategically zone these levels to allow for family and guests, but also manipulated the spaces, with cleverly concealed sliding doors creating flexible spaces and privacy when required.

A sky garden embedded on the roof of the house, couples the practicality of a vegetable garden and secluded privacy from other residences.

Given the vibrancy of the immediate environment, the palette of materials and colours were deliberately restrained and understated. 

After careful consideration Hakwood, a Dutch-designed timber flooring option provided the bespoke solution, crafted in a custom colour and installed in a random width format. 

Emerging from its metaphorical cocoon once concealed in, Arc Side has become a home that fills out its walls with conviction. Becoming the catalyst for Jolson to explore beyond its typical hallmarks, the residence is truly a home.  Inspired by its origins it has become a true marvel of modern architecture, which is testament to this design firm.

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Photography by Lucas Allen