Otto XVI Flint featured in Australian design award winning property

Elwood 2

Elwood, Melbourne

Project by

Robson Rak Architects & Interiors

Products Used

Otto XVI Flint hardwood flooring

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A peaceful expression of the interior architect’s principle to design a space that makes the user feel good, Elwood 2 is a bright and gentle urban oasis for a busy family of four. Based in one of Melbourne’s beachside neighbourhoods, Elwood, the dwelling was designed by Chris Rak of Robson Rak Architects & Interiors to offer the residents a therapeutic reprieve from a packed work and family schedule.

The home of two interior architects always surrounded by textures, materials, colours and designs in their professional life, the natural colour palette of the dwelling elevates its restorative profile and compounds the calming presence of light. Incorporating natural stone, timeless white walls, hardwood flooring and neutral joinery, the soft interior demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and utilising natural, high-quality materials. “The lockdown has reiterated the importance of products and finishes we live with. Spending time at home, it has been good to live with timber and be surrounded by organic materials,” says Chris.

Intentionally designed to be toned down and minimalistic, the natural palette lets the furniture – and an eclectic collection of art – inject colour into the space. Yet it’s the flooring that takes centre stage, forming a crucial part of this high-end project.

Leading through a 1.5m wide hallway into the heart of the home, the stunning wide, thick and long boards from George Fethers’ Otto collection in XVI Flint perfectly compliment the overall design of the house. Selected by Chris Rak precisely because they matched the colour scheme of the home so well, the boards boast a natural hard-wearing matt lacquer finish that fits in perfectly with the Edwardian soul and modern interiors of the building. “I was looking for flooring that was finished in a matte coating and in the specific colours that would complement the rest of the project – the hard coating on the product was exactly what I wanted,” explains Chris.

“But it’s not all about the contemporary colour palette and superb natural finish,” he adds. “The flooring needs to perform, and Otto XVI Flint has.” Engineered for high stability and highly resistant to spills such as liquid, food and oil, the range is a perfect choice for a creative family home where Lego can often be found lying around on the floor. With its green credentials and VOC compliance, the flooring selection ensures a healthy living space for the whole family.

Bathing in abundant light, restorative energy and creative character, it’s no surprise that Elwood 2 was awarded a commendation at the Australian Interior Design Awards. The home combines calm and relaxing interiors with an energising art collection, the reprieve of a peaceful sanctuary with the functionality of a family home – challenging the preconception about minimalistic design as clean, impractical and lacking warmth.

Elwood has received a commendation in the 2018 Australian Interior Design awards.

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Photography by Shannon McGrath

  • Otto XVI Flint Elwood 2
  • Otto XVI Flint Elwood 2
  • Otto XVI Flint Elwood 2

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