Otto XVI plays part in Australian design award winning property

Elwood 2

Elwood, Melbourne

Architectural Requirement

Robson Rak Architects & Interiors

Products Used

Otto XVI

Commendation in 2018 Australian Interior Design awards.

Project lead by interior architect Chris Rak, Elwood 2 is an outstanding residential property, located in the inner city of Melbourne. George Fethers’ Otto XVI plays a dominant part in this high end project, featuring stunning wide, thick and long boards throughout the house.

Chris comments that he chose Otto XVI because the colours were completely in tune with the overall palette. Chris also wanted a natural hard wearing matt lacquer finish with Otto presents.

Otto is available in seven colours, ranging from natural to grey tones through to darker caramel browns. Please contact the George Fethers’ sales team for more information (03) 9646 5266

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