Functional and Beautiful

Energy & Water Ombudsman

CBD, Melbourne

Project by

WMK Architecture

Products Used

Maison Blackbutt Flooring
Lignapal Blackbutt High Feature veneer 182.32

EWOV is a not-for-profit, independent and impartial dispute resolution service that handles complaints regarding energy and water issues in Victoria. The site occupies an entire floor of the Melbourne Central Tower at 360 Elizabeth Street. Making for an extremely emotionally demanding work environment, the redesign required interior to invite moments of calm for staff throughout their working day.

Navigation throughout the floorplate is based on the meandering river, taking teams on a path which allows for accidental interaction and fostering a culture of greater collaboration. This is a workplace that is now functional and beautiful.

The colour palette is drawn from the native Australian landscape, coupled with ample planting and organic graphics to provide a multidimensional biophilic component to the space.

Kim Aleksandrowicz, Marketing Manager for WMK Architecture, comments that George Fethers’ Blackbutt flooring was chosen because of its perfect material translation to the creative brief – a Eucalyptus colour palette. She continued by saying that it was not only cost effective but it achieved the slip rating required and could be delivered within the project timeframe.

Vibrant and textural material selection paired with strategic planning defines this space as a truly memorable design with a strong connection to concept.

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