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Marina Tower Docklands

Docklands, Melbourne

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Maison Paramount Oak White Stain

Consisting of 461 apartments over 44 storeys, Marina Tower signals a new standard in Melbourne living.

Set against the dramatic city skyline, Marina Tower, designed by DKO, is an expressive and dynamic example of Melbourne Docklands architecture. 

Sally Gordon, Interior Designer from DKO spoke about the large-scale development of 400 plus apartments needing interior spaces to be set apart from similar buildings. 

Interiors were designed with the unique waterfront location and connection to a four-star hotel in mind, firmly grounding the building in its environment and proffering strong vibes of the Melbourne location.

High quality materials and fittings were used throughout along with fine contemporary detailing, ensuring longevity of the apartment and common spaces. This was one of the main reasons for selecting George Fethers’ Maison Paramount Oak flooring.

Another was the selection of pure natural materials and a subdued palette giving residents the chance to personalise their spaces through furniture and belongings, not constricting them to a particular style.

Maison Flooring is our mid-range collection crafted from French Oak and suitable for residential and commercial projects. It is available in an array of colours to create a sleek, stylish and minimal feel or a more traditional, rustic appearance.

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