Toorak Garden Residence: A Striking Local Take on a European Villa

Toorak Garden Residence


Project by

Conrad Architects

Products Used

ottó XVII Sault
Dimensions: 340 x 22.0 x 3000

Imposing yet not intimidating, modern yet rooted in the historical context of the area, unapologetically serene yet full of rhythm –  the acclaimed architectural studio Conrad Architects brings together the familiar and the exotic in this unique project with Melbourne’s cityscape as the backdrop.

Stylishly balancing the intersection between the uncomplicated angles of modern simplicity with traditional Italian indoor to outdoor living and grand proportions, Toorak Garden Residence is a local take on a much-beloved Mediterranean tradition.

With an exquisite sculpture emerging from a reflection pond and a thick, heavy, oversized timber door, the front of the house resembles an art gallery of sorts. The dramatic entryway leads indoors, where visitors are welcomed by the fluid, organic lines of a magnificent spiral staircase, which provides a softening quality to the angular form of the house.

The inside of the residence is a light-filled ode to the indoor-outdoor symbiosis between uncluttered, grand and calm interiors and luxuriously relaxed and well-manicured outdoor space. The clean, rectangular shape of the house sees itself symmetrically reflected in the pool’s surface, highlighting the repetitive rhythm of the pergola-like outer layer of the building.


Broad French oak floorboards elevate a mosaic of natural materials 

It’s the materiality of the house – alongside its calmly emotive palette – that provides the grounding quality to the interiors. The thick masonry walls encapsulate a soft reality of neutral colours that offer a counterpoint to the angularity of the building. A minimalistic celebration of natural materials, exhilarating textures and muted colours, the interiors are an elevated yet uncomplicated mosaic of unfilled travertine, quartz, limewash paint and oak joinery.

These varied textures come to life in the timeless context of ottó XVII Sault timber flooring.  Specified in a broad 340 x 22.0 x 3000 plank, the texture and character of the timber shines through with the veins and knots beautifully emphasised by the natural light flowing into the open plan kitchen area.

In a stunning combination of impressive scale, rhythmic angularity, soft interior palette, and a somewhat romantic dialogue with the inspiring coasts of the Mediterranean, Toorak Garden Residence is a dreamy seaside holiday villa locked in the beautifully modern and luxuriously simple frame of a permanent residence.

For more information about ottó flooring contact [email protected] or +61 3 8652 8000.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns

  • otto XVII Sault Toorak Garden Residence
  • otto XVII Sault Toorak Garden Residence
  • otto XVII Sault GF_Toorak_Residence_

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