At George Fethers we are very proud of our rich heritage and our status as one of Australia’s longest running companies.

Our roots go all the way back to 1865 and the foundation of Jules Renard & Co, a small Melbourne trading company importing building supplies.

In 1900 the business was renamed George Fethers & Co to reflect a change of ownership.

Around this time a young man was hired as an office boy. He later went on to buy the company in 1930 and today, 85 years later, George Fethers is still run by this young man’s family.

Having survived the great flood of 1891, two depressions and two World Wars, we still trade by the same name and with the same commitment to deliver superior products and an exceptional level of service.

Founded in 1865

From a Melbourne laneway

The origins of George Fethers begins with the establishment of Jules Renard & Co., importers of building commodities, including cement. The firm operates out of an office in Church Lane, off Collins Street in central Melbourne.


Trading wool for glass

By 1890 Jules Renard & Co. starts importing glass from Belgium in exchange for wool.


The great flood puts a strain on the business

On the 13th of July 1891 Melbourne experiences the greatest flood since the city was founded. The wharf, where Jules Renard & Co.’s imports and exports goods, is completely destroyed by the raging waters of the Yarra River. In the face of these difficulties George Fethers became involved in the management of the business.


Jules Renard retires and Bernam Perkins is hired

Mr George Fethers takes full ownership of the business when Jules Renard retires in the early 1890s. By 1900 Fethers changes the name of the business to George Fethers & Co. and advertises for an office boy. One of those who answer is 12-year-old Bernam Perkins, who is hired on the spot.


The Great War obstructs business

Business is initially thriving in the early years of the century, but the Great War soon begins obstructing trade. By 1917, shipments from Belgium are no longer coming through, forcing Bernam Perkins to travel to the United States in search of a new glass supplier.


George Fethers & C0. becomes the first PPG glass agency outside the United States

Bernam Perkins has been in correspondence with the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. and a visit to Pittsburgh in 1917 sees George Fethers & Co. become PPG’s first agency outside the United States. Our partnership with PPG is still strong today, almost 100 years later.


Bernam Perkins buys the business and the Great Depression sets in

The 1930s is a challenging decade as many of George Fethers & Co.’s biggest clients are going bankrupt. Business slowly recovers by the end of the decade, only to be interrupted yet again by the Second World War.


WWII breaks out

Obstruction of international trade, with financial hardship as a result, continues throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s, when a ban is placed on imports from PPG, due to Australia’s inability to afford the U.S. Dollar.


The company enters the veneer business

A difficulty with trade from PPG means that George Fethers & Co. must find new areas of business, beyond glass. Throughout the 1950s the company expands to dealing in veneer. Bernam Perkins passes away in 1958.


A third generation takes over

The third generation of the Perkins family take over the business.


Flooring becomes a core part of the business

On the brink of a new millennium, George Fethers & Co. introduces timber flooring as a central part of the business.


A fourth generation enters the company

140 years since the business was founded, the fourth generation becomes involved in the business.


Lignapal is launched

George Fethers launch our first pre-finished veneer product, Lignapal.


The building additives division is born

The company begins supplying the construction industry with building additives and George Fethers & Co.’s products are used in the construction of a range of prominent constructions.


George Fethers & Co. starts dealing in stone

The company introduces Senstone, the company’s first stone brand.


Thermally formed decorative surfaces arrive

In response to an increasing interest from customers in alternative vertical solutions, George Fethers & Co. introduces laminates through Italian manufacturer CLEAF.