SageGlass Electronically tinted dynamic window glass


For sustainable, comfortable and energy saving buildings.

SageGlass® is a dynamic glazing solution combined with an intelligent control system to adapt its tint throughout the day according to occupant and climatic needs.

Aesthetically pleasing, energy saving and easy to maintain, SageGlass provides design freedom to embrace the beauty of glass without compromising thermal and visual comfort.

Bringing sustainability to the fore, SageGlass automatically controls solar heat gain, reducing heating and cooling costs, and energy use, in pursuit of a low-carbon future.

Design biophilic, daylight infused buildings without mechanised shades, unappealing blinds, or expensive louvres. 

SageGlass is suited to a wide range of projects, including corporate headquarters, campus buildings, and medical care environments – anywhere glare control and environmental sustainability are key requirements.


George Fethers is the exclusive distributor of SageGlass in Australia.

To learn more, visit the SageGlass website or, to discuss your project, please contact:

Anthony Breach 

National Sales Manager – George Fethers and Co.

T: 0475 800 005

E: [email protected]




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