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Perfectly imperfect

Filled with character and dimension, SOLLE is a new range of engineered European oak flooring from George Fethers.

Tumbled edges, exposed natural features, and cross-brushing celebrate the timber’s texture to create an elegantly worn appearance.

Ideal for casual yet cultivated settings, SOLLE floors are meant to be walked and played on. A work of art in urban, seaside and country homes.

From washed-out blonde tones to the darkest of inky night skies, SOLLE is available in four colourways that evoke traditional craft and enrich modern interiors.

Handcrafted in European timber mills, SOLLE is made using an engineered board for impressive performance, easy installation, and superior insulation.


Willow is our lightest colour and most neutral tone, suitable for almost any interior direction.

The textural grain of the European Oak contrasts beautifully across the raw face of the timber and is enhanced by a subtle brush finish.


Linseed captures slightly deeper tones than Willow. It boasts a strong natural aesthetic and features a crossed brush distressed finish.

SOLLE Linseed engineered timber flooring , with women's clothing, a bag and a some purple shoes


Umber features darker and warmer tones. Authentic characteristics of the European Oak are embellished by the grain, brought to life through notes of chocolate.


Nuit is the darkest tone in our range, ideal for a contemporary setting with a rich aesthetic. The hue balances notes of black, charcoal and brown.

Engineered Boards

SOLLE is made using an engineered board due to its impressive performance, easy installation and superior insulation.

We use hand-selected European Oak sourced from sustainable renewable private forests that have been family run for generations. The top layer is a luxurious 6mm which sits on 12mm of engineered substrate, including a 10mm hardwood core.

The result is a solid 18mm-deep board, suitable for underfloor heating and ready for generations of wear.

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Our boards are finished in a Bona Naturale matte lacquer. These floors are a natural product and as such will react in a natural way to constant direct sunlight and weather. To gain the best results from these timber boards we recommend the use of Bona cleaning products.


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