Optimising Agents Construction by innovation

Optimising Agents

George Fethers offer a variety of materials that are added to formulations to assist in the optimisation of properties. The addition rates are usually low.

The performance of finished products can be dramatically enhanced by low levels of optimising materials. Given this, the selection process and the technical expertise are very important to use them effectively.

We are always happy to assist with guidance such as starting point formulae, technical advice and test data.


Citric Acid
Gecedral BZ 111
Master Finish MPT 299
Tectol Supercast ES 100
George Fethers SAP 3030
George Fethers AE Netzmittel
Powdersil 50
Emulsion GPE 50 B
Tylose Grades
Hostapur OSB
Tylovis Grades