SAGE glass to manage solar heat gain and glare

Peninsula and Kingswood country clubhouse

Frankson, Melbourne

Project by

Domaine Partnerships

Products Used

SAGE glass

Architect Simon Hanger of Demaine Partnership recognised that the large North and West facing glazed gable walls of the new prestigious Peninsula and Kingswood country clubhouse needed some dynamic device to manage solar heat gain and glare. 

Internal and external shading devices were all rejected and the chosen solution was sage electronically tintable insulating glass. 
The Sageglass tinting is managed as needed through a computer controller which is programmed to tint the glass according to daylight and solar loads detected by external photo sensors. 

When the glass is in shade, the power is off and the tint is clear. As the sun moves to the North and West elevations, the photo sensors detect the solar intensity increasing, consequently increasing the level of tint such that as little as 1% of daylight is transmitted through the glass. At this tint, glare is eliminated and Solar heat Gain is reduced to a remarkable 0.09.

Sageglass is the world’s most advanced electronically tinted dynamic window glass. Please contact the sales team at George Fethers on +61 3 8652 8000 for all enquiries.