George Fethers are excited to launch the Beamwood collection. Handcrafted panels filled with texture and depth.

  • Joinery 
  • wall paneling 
  • Furniture 
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms 


Available in 3050 x 1220 Panels with matching edging 

P Balkeneik Naturel 0.9 mm


A pre-finished natural timber veneer finished with an acrylic polyurethane, durable coating.

Laminate Size: 3050mm x 1220.

Pressed Board Size: 3000mm x 1200.

Usual Format: 18mm MDF; 1.2mm liner back (black or white).

G1S (Good one size) & G2S (Good two size).

Edging 50LM Unglued Pre-Finished.

24LM Unglued Pre-Finished.

1.5mm thick.