Located on Mount Martha in Victoria, the Three Angle House is surrounded by captivating scenery. Its contemporary geometrical architecture captures Mornington and Port Phillip Bay located to the north of the house, Melbourne CBD to the northwest and the lush Point Nepean and Mount Martha Reserve to the west.

Architect Christopher Megowan, Director of Megowan Architectural, engaged in an open dialogue with his clients and builder, KabSav Projects, to create the quintessential sea change house that exceeded expectations. A geometrical design met the brief of subverting a “run-of-the-mill home” as its experimental architecture offered a luxurious residence that magnified the natural beauty of Victoria.

The entry, intentionally sunken into the hillside, celebrates the geometrical design of the house and acts as a seamless passageway into a reveal of the view of the bay. A cantilevered staircase elegantly ascends into the second story which consists of the main living spaces and bedrooms with abundant natural light and the most elevated vantage point of Mount Martha.

A neutral colour palette with sophisticated hues of brown, white, grey and black manifest a warm, subtle interior that perfectly balances its scenic exterior.  Each material was proactively researched by the clients, ensuring that each decision made was confident and informed.

As a result, beautiful Blackbutt timber flooring – supplied by George Fethers – was chosen to elevate every living space. Light floorboards soften the living room and kitchen, inviting a homely feel that simultaneously radiates sophistication and elegance. Its organic material contrasts with the industrialism of steel and concrete, creating a contemporary dynamism that is reflective of its unique surroundings. Further, the stunning flooring add cohesion and integrity to the interior design. George Fethers’ renowned quality and aesthetics extend throughout the house also complementing the Blackbutt chosen for the external decking and balconies.

The staircase further complements the angled design Megowan envisaged for his clients.  George Fethers worked meticulously with KabSav Projects to ensure the Blackbutt Custom Loc-Mitre stair tread design was manufactured into a beautiful reality.

 “The living spaces are intentionally warm and robust, they’re active spaces to entertain in, engage in and wear in with coastal life” says Megowan.

Through innovative architecture and contemporary design, the Three Angle House exudes elegance, sophistication and utilises the multiple distinct views offered by its location. The considered choice of materials and products – such as George Fethers’ stunning flooring complete the home, providing the clients with a sea change that luxuriously exceeds their expectations.

Photography by Elise Scott