A retrofitted renewable energy solution

Wohnpark Mariendorf

Berlin, Germany

Project by

Architect: Projekt Plan and Bau K2 GmbH

Products Used

SKALA BiPV solar active modules, Black B001

The modernisation of Mariendorf, a 1970s apartment building in Berlin, required a renewable energy solution that would positively enhance the building’s appearance.

To meet this need, sections of the exterior walls were clad with black SKALA modules to generate solar energy while complementing the modernised façade.

96 thin-film BiPV SKALA modules were installed, covering 105m2  

George Fethers is the exclusive distributor of SKALA BiPV solutions in Australia.

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Photographer: Leo Seidel @AVANCIS / @GASAG

  • SKALA Black Wohnpark Mariendorf 1
  • SKALA Black Wohnpark Mariendorf 2
  • SKALA Black Wohnpark Mariendorf 3